Flower Metal Wall Decor with Distressed Brush Finish


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Natural decorations can make any space feel more welcoming. One of the biggest goals in interior design is to cultivate a relaxing and cozy ambiance. After all, your home should be the place where you feel most at ease. Filling your space with flowers and other outdoor elements is a great way to accomplish this. This Wall Decor is a beautiful statement piece that can elevate the look and feel of an entire room. Made of 100% metal and measuring 16.54 X 2.76 X 16.00 inches, it has a charming, premium appeal. The hand-painted hues of pale green and white, gold edge detailing, and distressed brush finish are sure to capture peoples attention.
Case Pack: 1
Color: Green
Material: 100% Metal
Finish: Green
Number Of Cartons: 1