Sailboats at Sunset Wall Dcor


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This Sailboats at Sunset Wall Décor is the perfect way to bring in the summery coastal vibe to your home. This décor piece is made from solid metal arranged in different layers and shapes. The metal is sturdy yet light enough to hang securely on the walls in your home. There are two sailboats, one bigger than the other, and they are made from thin gold metal rods which have a flowy shape to mimic sails. In between the sailboats there is a matte gold disk that finishes the sunset look of this whole piece. The matte warmth of the sun paired with the blue and gold color of the sailboats allows you to hang it up anywhere in your home without worrying about the interior style you have. 16.5" H x 19.75" W x 1" D
Case Pack: 1
Color: Multi
Material: Metal, Other
Finish: Multi
Number Of Cartons: 1